Saturday, August 26, 2006

Getting Paid to Blog

I spend a lot of time blogging. Probably too much, but I really do enjoy it. Could I actually make money while doing it? I knew you could make some by using those google ads that pop up all over the place on some blogs. I wasn't really interested in those. Supermom over at Getting Out of Debt. has talked several time about different ways to make money with your blog and I never really was interested until this week when she posted about Blogvertise. Now this one has me interested. This post is actually my entry post for their approval process.

Here is how it works. After you are approved they will send you a site to visit. You check it out and you write about it. You can write about it any way you like. You can write a review of the site. You can incorporate into a story. You can even be negative about the site. You just have to write at least 50-60 words and link to the site three times in your post.

You submit your post for approval and if it is approved and still posted in 30 days Blogvertise pays you $10 to your paypal account. Sounds good to me, so I am going to try it. Just think I could actually say I get paid to write! :)

Thanks Amanda. I fixed the links!


  1. the blogvertise links have a comma after them, just fyi - but still, great to know! Thanks much for the link to their service...

  2. OOOooooooooohhh! I'm glad to hear that you tried it! It's a great way to make some money to take the kids out or yourself!

    Be sure to let me know how it goes!

    I wish you the best and thanks for the link!

  3. good for you! :) every little bit of extra money helps!