Monday, April 03, 2006

Catch up

It seems to be a common theme in this family's blogs, but man where did the time go? We had family here the last two weekends and it has been busy busy. The weather has been great (mostly) and we have spent a lot of time outside. I checked my email this morning and there were 70+ emails. Most of these are generated by yahoo groups I belong to (freecycle, homeschooling, homesteading and cooking groups). I usually keep up with these daily so it had been awhile since I sat down at the computer. I really shouldn't be here now. As always there is laundry and dishes waiting for me, but I thought I would leave a quick update on life since my last post.

-Vivian sleeping - well it hasn't changed much for the most part. (She did do much better last night though. I am hoping this is the start of something), but my attitude has changed about it. I am not so frustrated. I can only say I believe it is from me leaning on the Lord more. (previous post)

-Tim's parents were here Thursday - Saturday after several reschedules due to illness. The kids were so excited and we all had a good time.

-Vivian turned one month old! I can't believe it has been a month already.

-I turned 35.

-We have been to the Dr twice with Vivian. It is a long story, maybe I will post about it later. Short and to the point. They were concerned about her weight. I wasn't b/c similar issues with the other kids. They aren't concerned now. FYI Her billirubin is still high, but significantly lower than it was and the Drs. aren't concerned.

-Eric is officially living in WV now.

-Our van was fixed, then it broke, now it is fixed again.

-We have decided Nolan has entered the terrible twos. ( 1 1/2 months early) I will post on this in more detail later.

I would also like to post more on the kids adjustment to the baby and I never posted Extreme Personalities for Kellen. Lots of material here, just not lots of time.

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  1. speaking of your birthday, did you get the e-card i sent?