Tuesday, April 11, 2006


An update. I am getting this all second hand so sorry if I have some details wrong. I am not sure if Delilah will be able or want to post tonight.

If you don't know Jake started to feeling even worse than he had last week. Last night Delilah took him to the ER. The initial diagnosis was a blockage in his intestine. They thougth this was due to the intestine being swolen and admitted him for observation.

Today the poked and prodded and ran lots of tests. They now are thinking it is viral menangitis and are going to do a spinal tap to confirm. He is on a lot of medicine (morphine?). The last report this evening was that his fever is finally under control and he is starting to feel a little better and has been able to sleep.

Sorry this is the short version, but wanted to let you know. Please be praying!

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