Friday, April 07, 2006

Get it Out of the House!

No this blog is not about some creature Kellen has found in the woods. It is about my lack of will power when it come to sweets! I love all sweets. Of course I have my favorites, ice cream and cheese cake, but I really love them all. I like homemade, store bought, candies, cookies, cake, ice cream, pudding, you name it. I can only think of a couple sweets I don't like - black licorice and I don't like coconut so German chocolate cake is out.

I am not satisfied with a bite or two either. I want a large serving and have been known to pick a things like brownies until they are gone. I have no will power. I know it. My solution is to just keep the stuff out of my house. I rarely buy sweets. Honestly I do not miss them when I don't have them, but when they are here, they are gone. If we get a sweet tooth craving Tim and I will whip up some no bake cookies. We (just Tim and I no kids) usually eat at least half of them the night we make them.

This is usually a good arrangement, but every now and then I find my house filled with sweets. Last weekend we had cake and ice cream for my birthday and then the kids went to an Easter party and came home with bags of candy. I have been surrounded by sugar! When there are sweets in the house Tim refuses to take any of them to work. The kids would eat it non stop, but of course I do not allow that. (maybe I should though, they can afford the extra calories!) So who does that leave to eat it . . . me! I actually had cake for breakfast one morning! I have been eating sugar all week. The cake is gone, there is only a little candy and ice cream left. Just when I think it is about to end. . . my mom brings over part of a pan of brownies! Thanks mom! Just what I needed! I think she was trying to get them out of her house so she wouldn't eat them! :)

Have a great weekend all!


  1. I just sat down at the computer to look up a recipe for a coconut cake, make with fresh coconut. I know that doesn't sound good to you but it sounds like a chunk of heaven to me. I rarely make sweets but I am making it for my small group Sat. night. Hopefully there won't be any left. Although, cake for breakfast Sunday sounds yummy........

    Jude has a plastic pumpkin from halloween that has some candy in it. I threw out most of the sugary stuff and bought a bunch of sugar free candy. It really tastes just the same when it is made from splenda.

  2. i wish i was as good as you about not keeping it in the house! i had some ice cream in the freezer this week. i ate a 1/2 gallon of ice cream in 4 servings! it was over 4 days at least. i looked at the nutritional info and it said it was supposed to be 14 servings. haha! i laughed out loud.

    i'm more of an ice cream/chewy candy (ie mike'n'ikes, dots, milk duds etc) person. although, i definitely don't turn up my nose when jeff decides he wants to make brownies.:) and i can't make pudding. i eat the whole bowl in one sitting. it just goes down so smooth:)

    here's to trying to keep it out of the house, right?:)

  3. Been there, done that. Husband used to call me the Dessert Queen. (Dessert is the best part of the meal, right?) Did you know it is said that sugar suppresses the immune system? That thought helps me sometimes. Anyway, I got into big trouble with sugar, so you'd think I'd know better, but I still do battle with that sweet tooth.
    Aunt Nancy

  4. I might like FRESH Coconut Cake. It isn't the flavor I don't like it is the texture of the baking coconut!

    That is my kind of ice cream eating!

    Aunt Nancy,
    I am wondering when you are going to start a blog? We would all love to read it!

  5. Isn't it interesting how we have the same dislikes in food? I hate black licorise, and can't stand the texture of coconut.

  6. Me, too on black licorice -- coconut is another matter, though!
    Aunt Nancy

  7. HMM. I didn't know that Jake. Interesting. It msut run in the family