Friday, April 14, 2006

Ohio News

Part One
Good news! Jake is still in the hospital, but is finally starting to improve. He is able to keep liquids down and well other things that were not working are starting to move. :)

Part Two
I don't think Tim or I have blogged any updates about our house in Ohio. We had the house sold. We had a good price and were just waiting for the closing. We didn't hear much from the title company for awhile and then get a call from them that the bank wants to close now. Long story short the whole family had to run to Huntington twice to get the papers signed, notarized, faxed and overnighted. Then we get a call that the buyer is backing out, then he is back in, our realtor says they buyer's realtor says the buyer has signed all the papers (both realtors work in the same company) - DEAL ON! Next day we are getting conflicting reports from the realtor and the title company. Chip (our realtor) says he is also getting conflicting reports. He will try to figure out what is going on.

Apparently, the buyer did sign all the papers, everything was done and then he got upset about something (we aren't sure exactly what happened) and the mortgage company let him out of the deal, which never happens. Chip and his lawyer (the company's?) have contacted the buyer to put the pressure on. He has broken a legal contract. For now we are in limbo.

We have been told we could sue the buyer, bank and title company. I hate the "sue happy" culture we live in, but it may come to that. We have been losing money on the house for six months b/c we have left one unit vacant to be able to show the house, and we continue to lose money. We had a good price for the house which we may or may not be able to get again. And mostly we just want to be finished with the house. And it drags on . . .


  1. hey stephanie

    where is the ohio house again? we're still in the process of figuring out when we want to move and everything and if we would want to buy another duplex. if this deal falls through, maybe you could email me the info on the house.

    i'm sorry it hasn't worked out so far. it must be hard having to deal with such a big issue being so far removed from it distance wise.

  2. Glad to hear about Jake's improvement. So sorry to hear the sale fell through on your house. We'll be praying that it will be sold (for keeps) soon.
    Aunt Nancy

  3. Kellie,
    obviously I hadn't read my comments before church today! Are you starting a blog?