Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where do the Morels grow?

I love morel mushrooms. I haven't had them for years (decades?) though. So I was looking forward to finding lots of them here at the 100 acre woods. Learning about and searching for morels has been our science lessons. We got books about wild mushrooms. I had no clue how many edible ones there are. I have only had morels. We read about the best places and times to find morels. When Kellen's grandpa was here he showed Kellen several spots that would be good for hunting. (It was before the season)

Kellen has hunted. The family has hunted. No morels or any other edible mushroom. I am still enjoying the hunt. It is great to be outside this time of year and I have found others things of interest. I think the best thing we have found are wild iris'. They are very tiny (compared to other iris') and so delicate and beautiful. I want to dig some up and move them closer to the house in the fall. But I digress. . . Kellen has given up on the Morels. Do they grow here?

The books say they grow in all regions of the country. Dad said he mentioned mushrooms to the neighbor, who has lived here his whole life. I forget what the exact response was but I do remember it was not enthusiastic. I have a cookbook that is about eating and using the plants and animals of West Virginia. The author includes three types of mushrooms, including the morel. She is from another part of the state, but finds enough to dry and use year round!

We have been looking near the trails so I am wondereing if someone isn't beating us to the mushrooms. This property was "community rec" land (no one lived here) before we bought it. Change comes slow.

So we continue the search!

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