Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Powerful Google

I got an email yesterday from M.R. (Martha) Not an email from her through the adoptive agency, but an email directly from her. She Googled some of the information she had about me. Found this blog, and my email. Crazy isn't it.

I'm glad she did. In fact, I had tried Google to look for her before, but did not have enough information to work with. She informed me that she had been told the process to open the adoption file could take eight months! Not exactly a surprise, but it just seems crazy when we both want the information to be available.

I'm not sure exactly, if anything this changes, except for the fact that it makes communication faster.

Google is a wonderful thing!


  1. Stephanie....That is just crazy. I am so excited for you. I love how this whole thing has played out. I can't wait to meet M.R. someday. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. I agree that's just crazy... but in a good way. She read your blogs and read all the wonderful things you said about her and she got to see you and her brothers and sisters. I must by PMSing b/c I'm getting teary just imagining her at the computer.

  3. You're not PMSy,, I'm teary eyed too. That's great news Steph!

  4. Your making me cry too! I'm not supposed to be emotional, am I? I can't describe this longing I have to meet her (when and if she wants to).


  5. I can't wait to meet you guys! I'm real excited! Google is now my number one resource for everything!