Monday, March 03, 2008

On a Beautiful Springlike Day

Yesterday the clouds and the gloom finally broke, and we had a warm, sunny day. It felt like spring! How did we enjoy this wonderful day in the 100 Acre Wood? Did we go for a walk? Did we have a picnic? Maybe we just sat in the sun? No, we shoveled manure!

Our rabbit hutches are on a slope, like everything else here. The two main hutches face each other, and the chickens have done quite the job of scratching much of the droppings into the aisle between the hutches. They are so helpful that way. In addition to the droppings, the rain water runs down the hill, until it gets to the space between the hutches. There it collects creating a wonderful muck that only a pig could love. My oldest daughter, Lydia, however was not so thrilled when her boot got stuck in it the other day, and her foot ended up in the muck.

We took advantage of the weather to shovel that out, and any that remained under the hutches. We also put some boards up at the legs of the hutches to keep the chickens from scratching it all out next time. All told about five wheelbarrow loads of wonderful muck, well, wonderful for the garden that is. Oh, and one load out of the chicken house too. The obliging chickens were happy to scratch around in that muck, again, thus spreading it out nicely in the garden spot. What better way to spend a sunny springlike day?

Today was even warmer, and you'll be happy to know that we enjoyed the weather in some ways that were a little less stinky. We hung laundry on the line. ( I really do enjoy that.) The kids played outside quite a bit. (I enjoy that more!) They even had lunch on the deck.

Speaking of kids, well, of the goat variety, we have two goats who we have thought, for about a week, would have their kids any day. Everyday we are amazed that they have gotten even bigger, and more swollen in the genital area, and still no kids. Twist today just looked miserable. She is huge, we think with twins. She is waddling; slowly. Poor thing. How much longer could it be? Hopefully not much more!

The next few days are to be cooler, and rainy. I am glad we enjoyed our springlike days while we had them!


  1. We got out and put out grass seed in our never ending attempts to create a yard for the kids as opposed to the packed dirt where the swingset and playhouse are. It was indeed a glorious day. Our muck consists of the catbox and dog variety, but since one of the dogs is a 140-pound Rotty, we do have to have a big shovel to get it out of the driveway. But nothing like 5 wheelbarrows worth. It's supposed to be warm again today, although rainy (it rained all night), and they're actually calling for SNOW tonight. Ugh. 40s tomorrow. Spring is such a tease.

  2. yep, snow and hail this morning! Not fair!

    nope, never found Patty, or any trace of her. strange

  3. Just wanted to let you know that the Homesteading Carnival is up at The Sojourner - Don't forget to post a link on your blog to help spread the word! Thanks for your submission.