Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

This weekend Ashley and Miles came for a visit. Their mom and a friend of hers also came, and their aunt who actually is about the same age as the kids. It was a full weekend.

We celebrated Miles' birthday which was a few weeks ago. Kellen videoed the birthday song. Be warned it isn't for those who can't tolerate off key singing.

There was also dirt sorting, walks in the woods and playing in the creek. We had some tired kids by the time the weekend was done. Tired in a good way.

In addition to all that activity we also have a new addition to the farm. Meet Stanley.

You've met Flame and Charcoal previously. They are now big enough to breed, and well. . . Stanley was needed. He is a big boy; significantly bigger than the sows. We had been letting the animals run together, but the shelter was pretty full. For the protection of the lambs, we put the pigs in a separate area, and made the goats and sheep a temporary shelter. We also should have new goats sometime this spring. I'd rather not have brand new babies with the boar. He seems gentle enough, but he is huge! (Remember I said any day about a month ago? Well those poor does just keep getting bigger. I've given up on guessing, and am now saying sometime this spring we will have kids.) The sows and goats and sheep were all so confused the first night. They are used to running together, and just stood at the gate separating the pastures looking at each other. Eventually, after Stanley is accustomed to his new home, we will probably let them run together during the day and separate them at night.

Stanley and the girls are getting acquainted. He is funny to watch. He came from a farm where the pigs are only in buildings. He had never been outside. The first thing he did was find a big mud hole and plop in it. He was much more interested in the mud than the ladies. He has been rooting all around the pasture, and playing in mud.

My aunt and uncle came today to visit for a few days, and we have another full week ahead. I've done a little planting in the garden, and hope to get some more done soon. As always there are more projects than time around here.


  1. Happy Birthday a bit late! Stanley is sure a cutie! It's warm enough to PLANT where you are? It was snowing just this weekend here! I'm so jealous...

  2. It sounds like a wonderful weekend! It was my sister's birthday Saturday, so we did a little off key singing of our own.

  3. Stanley is a fine-looking young man. And the poor goats! oh my goodness they must be miserable.
    And Happy Birthday!

  4. I heart Stanley! How cute!