Thursday, March 13, 2008

Almost Spring!

It is almost spring, really isn't it? Here is some proof we found on an afternoon walk.


Frog Eggs

A Full Clothes Line



A Goat Who I Can't Believe Hasn't Had Her Kid Yet!
Poor thing.


  1. Yippee!! We saw the same kind of things here, but... Snow today and tomorrow. Bummer

  2. We have Daffodils but we searched high and low for frog eggs the other day to no avail. We'll have to go out looking again!

  3. Oh pretty pretty pretty. Our frogs are still hibernating in the pond they made out of an old cooler 3 years ago.
    Some folks have daffodils but ours haven't bloomed yet. Something about being on the north side of the hill.
    Poor Mama Goat - hope she has the kid soon - I can identify with her!

  4. Crystal,
    Our frogs have been singing for a week or so. There aren't a lot of eggs yet, but they are there!

  5. We still have a lot of snow but it's melting quick!

  6. pretty pics!!! I want some frog eggs... puh-leez! I promise I won't kill them this year (as much as I am able). :D

  7. Yep, spring is upon us!! I've been trying to get our pool ready to swim, but it is an impossible job with all of the pollen falling!!! I'm ready for summer!

  8. As a former West Virginian myself, I enjoy see your adventures in the woods. Thanks for keeping Learning in the Great Outdoors in mind!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing these great photos of signs of spring! We were on this same wavelength too recently. Just can't wait to get the last of the cold breezes out of here. I especially loved the frog eggs photo, so cool!

    Blessings, Melissa
    In the Sparrow's Nest