Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nolan's Naps

Nolan is almost four. I've blogged here many a time about his, shall we say, determination. The kid is down right stubborn, sweet and adorable, but what a hard head. The latest dilemma is a nap.

The older two did not take naps at this age, but Nolan really needs one. If he hasn't taken a nap you can count on the battles starting about 4:30 in the afternoon. When he is tired, he gets ornery, and starts picking on his siblings. He'll insist on having his leg touch Kellen while he is reading. He'll rearrange the doll house Lydia just spent hours making just so. The toys in Vivian's hands will suddenly disappear with Nolan running to the other side of the house; anything to get their attention and a reaction.

Sometimes I can trick him into taking a nap by putting him on his bed with his special blanket and a book. I tell him he needs some quiet time, and that he can't come out until the timer goes off. About half the time that works smoothly and he falls asleep without a fuss. The other half of the time, well, it is a battle. Once he is convinced he has to stay in his room, he almost always does fall asleep, after the battle.

If we are running errands, Nolan almost always will fall asleep in the car on the way home. For a long time I would try to carry him in, and put him in his bed. He would wake up, and that was the end of the nap. There was no getting him back to sleep. Half a nap is sometimes worse than no nap at all.

A few weeks ago I decided just to leave him in the car. I unbuckled him and left the door just slightly open so he could get out easily when he woke up. He slept there for two hours. I've been doing it ever since. If it is a little chilly out, I take him a blanket, and let him sleep.

I'm not sure how he sleeps like that in his car seat, but he does; without a battle. That is a solution that works for me.

Works for Me Wednesday


  1. Oh I've left them in the car to finish napping frequently. I'll do yard work, take out trash, etc. DeBoy isn't too awful without a nap but the Queen is downright horrendous.

  2. whatever works! AT least until it gets too hot. Matthew usually wakes up when I get him out of the car seat too.

  3. That's one reason I love having an attached garage. Even in the summer, I can leave the door open and let them come out when they wake up. Steven will often fall asleep on the way home from Matthew's baseball or football practices. The only problem I run into with him is that the practices are so late that the nap gives him a second wind and bedtime is a whole different dilemma.
    P.S. LOVE Vivian's new look!

  4. Five children, and I've done it more times than I can count! Lifesavers cmoe in varying packages . . .