Monday, March 27, 2006

The sun is out!

It is a beautiful spring day in the 100 acres woods. It is amazing how quickly weather can change. Jake and Delilah were down this weekend and it was just ugly. Cloudy, cold, snow and hail and then the snow all melted and it was cold and muddy. I tease them that they bring the gross weather with them from NE Ohio. I think every time they have come we have had the worst weather!

Well today it is cool (50) but sunny. Just how spring should be! (ok it is till muddy but I can overlook that for sun!) I took all the kids out this morning. We looked at our "nature spot." That is a place we picked in January to observe how it changes during the year. I had Kellen pick four plants at the spot to draw. So today we went to look again and he drew them and wrote some comments about how they have changed. They haven't changed too much yet. We were surprised because along the driveway the brambles have small leaves on them already, but our spot is in the woods so we are blaming lack of sun.

Then we looked at the tadpoles in the ditches. That has been fun for the kids. There are so many hatched now. In a couple of spots it just looks like one big, squigly, black mass. Some of the first hatched ones are getting pretty big. It will be interesting to see how many actually survive.

Now Kellen and Lydia taking a walk down to the creek with the dog. Nolan and Vivian are sleeping. Glorious (and rare) peace and quiet! I am (obviously) blogging. I should be doing laundry (it never ends) or picking up toys (Jude, Lydia and Nolan had a grand time this weekend!) or various other chores on my list. I guess I am procrastinating. Better get to it now! Hope you are having a great sunny spring day!


  1. We are having a great spring day. Sunny and 49. Today would have been a perfect day to go geocaching. I still might go.

  2. Hey, that nature spot is a great idea. I've been looking all around and have been surprised by leaves and blossoms that have popped out since the last time I looked, it seems.
    A mostly sunny day at 65 for the high at our place today. (sighs contentedly) Forecasting rain for tomorrow, I hear.
    Aunt Nancy