Thursday, May 30, 2013

Growing Things

Spring is the season of growing. Watching the trees come into full leaf, marking the time by which wild plant is in bloom, and anxiously waiting the fresh bounty that is coming, these are some of my favorite things about spring. I love to watch the little seedlings nurtured in the house flourish when they finally get their roots into the earth. Watching the tiny seeds put into the ground become huge and productive plants always seems like a small miracle.

I am so excited to actually have some spring crops. I had almost given up on growing them here. Other years it has been too wet to get in the garden early, and/or has gotten too hot too quickly for the cool weather crops. I plant fall crops of those items usually, but this year we could get in the garden pretty early. I decided to try again. I'm so glad I did. The spring was cooler than normal. This week is hot, but we've had some beautiful cool spring like weather. In the garden that translates to spring spinach, lettuces, and snow peas. We are looking forward to the broccoli, cabbage, and shell peas too!

~Now if I could just get the rest of the summer garden in. . . but that is another story.

The animals are growing too. The bee hives have gotten taller. Not sure when that happened, but I imagine the bee keeper must have had something to do with that. The turkey poults are about triple their sized. The bunnies are just about to be weaned. And can you believe this is our puppy?! Vivian could hold her like a baby when we brought her home a couple months ago! Stella is almost as big as our other dog now.

Of course there are more things that just keep growing around here. Four of them that just won't stop. Can you believe these are my babies?!

The family vehicle has also grown. Bye Bye mini van. We are now a Suburban type family.

Of course this family vehicle also doubles as a farm truck.

Lots of growing around here. What are you watching grow this spring?

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