Friday, May 24, 2013

Ivy Face Viv

You know when you a long weekend away you're going to pay for it the following week. It is great to get away, and we needed it but while we were gone the garden didn't get planted, the weeds didn't stop growing, and the to do list only grew. It has been a non stop week of farm work and other commitments. I'm whooped!

Poor Vivian got poison ivy on her face. Yesterday her little face was swollen. We decided to wait it out and hope that it cleared on its own.

This morning, my mom had an outpatient procedure. We were at the hospital at 6:30. At 8:30 Tim sent me this picture.

Poor Vivian had woken up with one eye completely swollen shut and her face swollen and sore. Waiting it out wasn't working. While I was at the hospital with mom, Tim took Viv to the doctor. He have her a steroid shot, and pills to take for the next 12 days. He warned that she may be grumpy and have an increased appetite. Look out! It is going to be a bumpy ride.

So now, where to start on that list of mine.....


  1. Aargh, poor Vivian. No question about whether she's susceptible or not, is there?
    Aunt Nancy

  2. I've never had the steroid shot. But I've had the steroid packs. The world just keeps clear of my paths. But I feel absolutely wonderful for the next couple weeks! LOL

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