Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Can you see it?

Can you see it? No not those turkey hens. Can you see what what is under them?

No? Me either. There are newly hatched poults under those hens! Those mommas just aren't ready to get up from that nest yet. Did you catch that I tried to bribe her with some grain? She didn't fall for my trick.

They are just doing their job. There are still eggs there to hatch, and there are brand new little ones to protect. I get it, but I just wanted one little picture.

I went to look several times today. I could see three with the best look I got; the time I went out without the camera. The best picture I got was this.

Look close. You can see it. There is a poult right there. Really.

More to come later....when the girls decide to stand up and let me see those babies! I hope.

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