Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Do you know what this is? 

Spring is really here! As with every spring, we wait impatiently. We lament the lingering winter weather. We look for glimpse of sun and warmer temperatures, and keep our spring fever at bay by starting plants inside.

Then suddenly, the spring weather has arrived and the to do lists we've been dreaming about are a reality. The days start early, and end late. I struggle between getting the long list of outside chores accomplished while still getting this family fed, having clean plates to eat off of, and clean clothes to wear the next day. Days end with dinner around 8, a lot left on the list, and a family too tired to care. It is exhilarating  It is exhausting. It is spring, and I love it!

Most of our spring garden is in. I'd hoped to put some more in today, but the rain made that impossible. The rain however did bring a nice spurt of green to the trees and the seeds already in the garden! Summer plants are hardening off in preparation for the garden in a few weeks.

More seeds have been started in my garden tub. There are a few more seeds, plants, and fruit trees (yes!) to be purchased.

We have one turkey hen who should be close to hatching her clutch. Another turkey hen has just begun to sit on her nest. We have sows with visible baby bump bellies, and today a litter of rabbits was born. That is the picture at the top. The little pink lumps are newborn rabbits. I don't like to disturb them much. I only moved the fur away from the top to get a look in. Looks like a small litter. I could see four, but this is a first time doe. Rabbits are notorious for losing their first litters, and I'm just thrilled to see them in the box in a nest of fur like they should be.

We have a whole lot of broilers out in the converted goat shed. Our first processing will be this Saturday, and more chicks arrive on Wednesday.

Yes this is spring. Yes it is crazy busy, but yes we love it, and the payoff it will bring in a few months! How is your spring?

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