Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Mommy Disorder

The other day I was cleaning up the kitchen when the washer finished its cycle. It was a nice fall day, and I was hanging the laundry on the line. I put down the dishes I was working on, and unloaded the washer. I took the basket of clothes outside, and was very surprised to see another basket by the clothes line, half full of wet laundry. Now how did that happen?

Hmmm.... Think back....Oh now I remember.

I was hanging up laundry when I heard a strange sound in the front yard. I ran to the front yard, clothes pins in hand, to see what the noise was. I discovered Kellen blowing leaves with the leaf blower. He wasn't exactly blowing them out of the yard, more like in circles around the yard, but he took the initiative to help with the leaves, and that is alright by me.

I gave him a quick tutorial on blowing the leaves out of the yard and into the compost, flower beds, and garden. He wasn't doing a perfect job, but for nine, he was doing a pretty good job, and he was blowing more leaves out of the yard than I was going to get done that day. I left him to blow leaves, and went into the house, clothes pins still in hand.

Walking by the computer, I decided to check my email quickly. I read a couple emails, and responded to some. Then I went to the next room; the kitchen.

Lunch dishes were still on the counter, and the dishwasher needed emptied. I went to work on the kitchen, and was almost done when the washer finished its cycle. Wanting to keep laundry going, I stopped cleaning the kitchen, and went to unload the washer.

Taking the load outside to hang up, I discovered that I had never finished the load I was working on when the leaf blower distracted me from my work. I hung up the two loads, and took down a dry load. I returned to the house with the dry load, walked through my kitchen that still was not completely cleaned up, and past the computer desk where I noticed there were clothes pins lying on the desk. Now how did those get there?!

What has happened to my brain? I normally am a very organized, methodical, efficient type person. I have plans to get things done. I start projects, and finish them before starting new ones. Over the past few years though I've been increasingly distracted.

I've self diagnosed myself with a new disorder; discovered by me. I'm calling it Maternal Attention Deficit Disorder: MADD. Too bad that acronym is already taken! Is anyone else afflicted with this? Do you find projects half completed? Do you forget what it was you entered a room for or what you were doing before the baby started crying? Maybe you have MADD too.

My self prescribed solution to the problem: enjoy it while you can. Someday our lives will return to their neat, orderly methodical ways, and we will miss having little ones pulling us away from the task at hand. At least that is what moms with grown children keep telling me. I'm taking their word for it. Now what was I doing before I started typing this post?


  1. Don't get your hopes up! Situations and people's desires still distract me and I can seldom complete a project before I have to start another one. I think mine is caused by overload! Do you think we could clone me? Would that help? Wouldn't you love to have two of me here?


  2. I totaly have MADD, and yesterday I wrote a post on it too! How ironic!!!

  3. I definitely have it. In fact, it took me all day and 4 different tries to read this post, because things kept happening!

  4. I've had that for years! Thanks for giving it a name for us.

  5. LOL! I'll admit to a touch of MADD every now and then. ;)

  6. I developed it 4 years ago after my daughter was born. I think she took some of my brain cells with her too.

  7. I knew I was not the only one!

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  9. I know I definitely have it! I can barely remember my own name some days. LOL

    Thanks for submitting to the Carnival of SAHMs!

  10. What do you call it if you had it before you had any children? Although it has gotten worse since I've been a mother. The worst was when we got a puppy and I was mixing up my children's names with the puppy's!

  11. Thank goodness someone finally has come up with a diagnosis for me!!

    Can I claim disability?