Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post Thanksgiving Recovery

We had a great weekend catching up with family we do not see very often. Wednesday evening my aunt and uncle came from NY. Thursday my aunt and uncle from TN came. My Great Aunt Hazel and Terry were here also. We were fourteen for lunch. There was tons of food. We were all so full from turkey and fixings that we didn't even touch the dessert until dinner time, and dessert was all we had for dinner.

Terry and Tim went hunting. Tim had no luck, and later figured out he wasn't sighting the gun right. He is using an antique gun that was my grandfather's. Now that he knows how to sight it right, there should be some more venison coming. A nearby hunter did give Tim a button buck. He felt bad because he thought he took a buck Tim was going to get. Tim tried to tell him that he didn't have a shot on the buck, but the guy insisted.

Terry though, got a 10 point buck. The biggest to come off the property since we've lived here. He was a big one! The roasts are just huge!

There was a lot of sitting around and chatting, eating, hiking, and deer processing over the weekend. The aunts and uncles stayed until Saturday. Tim's parents came Saturday. They had gone to TN for Thanksgiving and stopped for one night here on their way back. Again lots of food. We played lots of games, and had a good time.

After they left Sunday afternoon, I basically collapsed on the couch. Yesterday I had big plans to get things done. School, laundry, Make It From Scratch, a lesson for co-op, and band were all on my list. The kids were tired. I was tired. The day started very rough. Just when we were all starting to get on track again, the power went out! UGH!

We got done what we could and headed to band. Thankfully we when we returned the power was back. I was up late trying to get my stuff done. Laundry didn't even get touched. It won't today either. We have co-op, and then roller skating. I guess we won't be doing laundry until Wednesday. Hope everyone has enough underwear! :)


  1. Good luck on the laundry. One of the common themes I read on blogs is that no one is ever caught up on laundry. I was, and then we started potty training Mary Margaret, and I was gone all day yesterday to Lexington for doctor appointments.
    Interestingly enough, I had a Great-Aunt Hazel as well! I never knew her though.

  2. Here's hoping the clean undies hold out! :)

  3. An awesome Thanksgiving in the 100-acre wood! Thank you so much.
    Aunt Nancy

  4. Love the new colors! Very calming and classy--I'm just hoping they haven't been up for three months and this is the first I'm noticing. I'm a genius sometimes and miss the obvious occasionally :)