Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm Blaming My Disorder

MADD strikes again!

This weekend I started wrapping Christmas presents, and making candy. I had to gather photos from the year for two projects. It was fun going through all of last year's photos, seeing how all the kids have changed, and remembering all the things we did. I needed to order some prints for a gift I am working on, and for our Christmas letter.

I went to pick up the prints yesterday. In the car I sat down to look through them again. Even though I had just looked at all of them on the computer, it was very enjoyable to see them in print. Enjoyable at least until I got to the end of the sizable stack where the prints ordered for the Christmas letter were.

For our Christmas picture this year we took a picture of the four kids in front of our Christmas tree, before we cut it. This is the one we chose to use:

This is the one I have 50 prints of:

This is a nice picture of the wreath Kellen made, but it isn't exactly what I had in mind to send with the Christmas letter. Yes, I checked it was not a store error. That is what I ordered. Hey, it isn't my fault. Don't you know I have that mommy disorder?.

Anyone have any ideas of what to do with 50 prints of a wreath?

While you are thinking here are some laughs for you straight from the funniest person in the family, Nolan.

We were getting ready for a 4-H banquet, and I actually put makeup on, including lip gloss. When Nolan saw me he got all giggly, gave be a big smile, and said, "Mommy I like your lips. "

That same evening I was getting Vivian dressed. She was wearing heavy tights. Nolan was watching me and wondered why I was putting "sock underwear" on Vivian.

When we put the tree up, we talked to the kids about Christmas and why we celebrate. When Nolan was asked about why we have Christmas he replied, "So we can eat cake." When asked what Jesus had to do with Christmas, his answer, "Jesus likes cake too. He eats cake on Christmas."

Together we read a children's version of the Christmas story. We talked about the star that led the shepherds to baby Jesus, and explained that is why we put a star on our tree. We talked about the gifts that were brought, and the gift that Jesus brought for us. It was a nice family time.

When it was all done though, Nolan was still not convinced. When asked about the meaning of Christmas, the answer was still about eating cake! I'm not even sure where the eating cake came from, but that is what Nolan thinks. Just try to convince him otherwise!


  1. I think Nolan associates Christmas with Jesus' Birthday and therefore thinks of "birthday cake".

    Aunt D.

  2. Aunt D, I had thought of that, but ruled out b/c we have never done the birthday cake for Jesus thing, but I guess he may have made that association even if we never presented it.

  3. LMBO! Nolan has me cracking up this morning. :)

    Take the fifty wreath prints and cut the wreath out. Glue the cut out wreaths into a wreath shape (like those wreaths made of old Christmas cards). You'll have Kellen's wreath to display every Christmas. :) You don't even have to tell him it was a mistake. ;)

  4. Funny funny kid. How about using them as gift tags? You don't even have to cut them out. Get a sharpie marker and write the names around the wreath. (It's a very nice wreath, by the way. We made wreaths this weekend as well, for the kids' bedroom doors.)

  5. I love the ornament idea. Anything repeated 50 times will pull the whole tree together, especially if everything else is mismatched.

    I was going to suggest using them as postcards for your thank-you notes. You can divide the back of the photo in half with a vertical line--putting the address on one side and the short personal message on the other.

  6. I would have been so mad at myself about the photo. It feels so good to have something like that awful when you realize that you've made a mistake like that. It happened to me when I picked up Jeff's game at the site to store at walmart only to realize that I had accidently ordered the PC game instead of Xbox 360. "sigh"

  7. Too funny--but you got to admit the wreath is pretty cute. Maybe if you glued the smaller picture in the middle of the wreath . . . .


  8. Ya know what? I'd send them anyway. It's a good picture and a great story. Maybe the family will get Easter pics of the kids?
    I do like the gift tag idea tho!

  9. Thanks for the great ideas! I knew you'd have some!

  10. Doesn't everyone have Buche de Noel (Christmas log) for Christmas? It's a French tradition that my Grandmother brought with her and my mom continues. "Log" (cake) has always been part of Chirstmas for me. :D

    Maybe he heard about fruit cake? *shrug*

    God Bless!

  11. I was thinking make then into thank you card for christmas gifts all the more special as kellen made the wreath

    will remember thisnext time I do do something daft - which is pretty often