Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Last weekend we went to get our tree. Our family tradition is to go get a real, cut your own tree. There are not a lot of Christmas tree farms in West Virgina, and it is a good haul to our nearest one. Luckily we really like the people there, the trees are well cared for and very reasonable. That all makes the drive worth while.

This year we are putting our tree in a different spot. The spot requires a tall, but not too wide tree. After scouring the tree farm for at least and hour, we finally found the perfect tree.

The three oldest kids took a turn at trying to saw the tree. Then Tim finally brought it down, and we carried it back to pay for it and tie it to the van for the trip home.

The kids did the majority of the tree decorating, I showed you an example in my Wordless Wednesday. Pretty much the tree is jammed packed with ornaments right at the eye level of the three oldest. The rest of the tree is pretty bare. The bottom is especially bare where Vivian continually removes anything that is places there. The middle of the tree is also constantly rearranged by Nolan.

The kids have also put out most of the other Christmas decorations, so just imagine my whole house jammed with decorations in some corners, and completely bare in others. Kellen created our wreath. I've been unable to convince Vivian that all the plush decorations that Tim's grandma has made over the years are really decorations, and not her babies to play with. The kids set out the nativity with the clock as the central point. (I have not idea why.) I'm finding ornaments all over the house. Christmas here is not Martha worthy, but it is interesting to say the least.

We got our first real snow today. We were supposed to go on a field trip today, but the roads coming off the ridge are not good, and I just didn't feel up to the battle. I thought we'd stay home and I could get a lot done. It hasn't happened yet. The kids have played in the snow. We've made hot chocolate and enjoyed the fireplace. Tim did some work under the house this morning (he can tell you that story) , and he and Kellen caught three rabbits that had gotten out. I guess for the morning anyway we are on a snow delay.


  1. We have an artificial tree. We used to cut a live one, but finally decided to take the neater way out. It does take a long time to set up, but it's a beautiful tree.
    I used to move ornaments around after the kids put them on, but just leave them where they are now. Well, maybe I do a little shuffling around if there are 10 in one place..haha.

  2. I am deathly allergic to all evergreens. Wish I wasn't, they look great.

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