Sunday, September 02, 2007

Growing By Leaps and Bounds

Have you ever noticed that instead of growing and developing in baby steps kids seems to grow by leaps and bounds? Just this week I've noticed that all the kids are suddenly so big.

Kellen(9) has become a big helper, and with a good attitude most days. Yesterday, he was working with the men, helping to paint the neighbor's barn roof.

Lydia (5) always the the little momma, has suddenly become a real helper. She makes lemonade and snacks for everyone, and tries to do her sister's hair. Not to mention she has grown out of two sizes of clothes and shoes this summer.

Nolan (3) is getting himself dressed and undressed. His vocabulary has increased greatly and he talks like a little man. Well, a little man with improper grammar. He makes his past tense by putting ed on everything. "We goed to the store." It is cute, but we do correct him.

Vivian (18 months) also is growing like a little weed. I bought her a pair of shoes about two months ago. She wore them a few times and then we could not find one of them for the longest time. When I finally found it, it didn't fit! She is learning new words like crazy. She has opinions, and is learning to express them!

When did my kids get so big? Do they really grow by leaps and bounds or was the summer just so busy I didn't notice how quickly they were growing until things slowed down?

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  1. There's nothing more gratifying than watching children grow into real people.