Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Enjoy it While You Can

Shhh. . . Do you hear that "music?" That would be The Little Appletones; the sibling band. It isn't exactly in tune. Well, who knows what tune they are trying to play anyhow? The rhythm? Well, let's just say they are each playing to their own drummer. Yet, it is music to my ears.

Kellen is joining the homeschool band this year. Tim is the director, and he started Kellen on the trombone a little over a week ago. About a week ago, you would have found Kellen in tears, whining about how hard the trombone was, how he'd never learn to play it, and he certainly would never learn to read music.

Then the light clicked on the other day and he played "Mary Had a Little Lamb." He was so proud. Since then there has been no whining and no crying. He wants to practice and even gets frustrated when he can't because a sibling is sleeping.

This morning the three oldest were holed up in the boys' room while Vivian and I were in the kitchen. First I heard the trombone. Then a trumpet joined in. Kellen was trying to teach Lydia. Soon there was a bugle. That was Nolan's instrument of choice. (When your husband is a musician, you have a lot of instruments around the house.) They were attempting to play together.

It was the first time all morning that the sounds coming from them were not yelling and bickering. It was sweet music. Yes, we should be doing our lessons or our chores, but when the kids are playing nicely together, sometimes it is best to just enjoy it while you can.

Works for Me Wednesday


  1. Whee!!!! That's so awesome! I almost *never* interrupt them when they're playing happily together. I have such a strong awareness of how fleeting these years are when they can just lose themselves in pretend or creating something or imagination -- let them go with it while they still can. :D Lessons we will always have.

  2. Sibling harmony (of both kinds) is definitely a reason for pushing back the bookwork!

  3. Aawwww, how sweet! Deffo a good use of time.

  4. As a former "band geek" and the wife of a praise and worship leader, can I get an AMEN! *wink* Ihope whenthe Vikings are a little olderthat our loveof music is passed on to them too!

    And, you should submit this to Kelly's Pass The Torch Tuesday! It's perfect! :)

  5. Jeff is teaching Carter to play the guitar. At first, Carter was resistent, only wanting to strum the strings obsessively, but now he is anxious to learn really try! I love watching him walk around with his guitar!

  6. A family band! Siblings teaching and playing together!
    Great story! Thank you!

  7. Those moments are golden. I caught Lillian picking out a melody on the piano this week and am thinking maybe it's time to start teaching her too.