Thursday, September 06, 2007


Crappy! We had a rough day, and it is no wonder when

A. All four kids woke up at various times throughout the night. Three of them slept in our room for part or most of the night. Two were in our bed (though not at the same time.) No one got a good nights sleep.


B. It is the first time all week we've had a normal schedule. Can I still call it a normal schedule when it doesn't happen until Thursday? The kids, apparently, did not remember how our normal day goes.

A crappy day was practically unavoidable. Tim is working late tonight. (again!) We are having dinner and maybe watching a movie and going to bed EARLY! Tomorrow will be a better day!


  1. Sounds familiar. We are having our second bouts with allergies. I thought we were out of the woods when everyone started feeling better and WHAM! We got hit again. UGH. It throws the whole day off when everyone is cranky from not feeling well.
    We will have a better day tomorrow too. I am minus one babysitting kid and I only have 2 before schoool and one after. TGI(almost)F!!!

  2. Arrghh! I hate days like that. Why must the kids always synchronize their bad days? Hopefully today will go better-I'll be thinking of you.

  3. I'm hoping that they are all exhausted now and sleep like little rocks for you tonight!

  4. Oh wow, sorry! Hope the weekend gets better. Nothing like a sleepless night to make things miserable.