Thursday, May 31, 2007

What day is it?

Can it really be almost Friday? I haven't even posted about last weekend yet! Whew! Last weekend was busy and enjoyable. Eric's kids were here, Jake and Delilah were down as were Aunt Hazel and Terry. We did a little work, ate a lot of food, and enjoyed spending time together.

It is rare to have all the cousins here at the same time. It was interesting to note how they paired up in threes: Ashley, Miles & Kellen; Lydia, Jude & Nolan; Elise & Vivian, yes, I can count, that is only two, but I'm guessing that the new baby girl coming will be the third in that group. Don't panic, it isn't my new baby girl, Delilah is expecting in late July.

The kids played and played. They got to sleep in a tent. (except Elise and Vivian) They didn't all make it every night, but they all did at least one night. Nolan was so funny. The first night we didn't let him sleep in the tent because he was wiped out, very grumpy, and having a melt down.

The second night we planned to let him try, but he didn't believe us. After dinner he kept sneaking off to the tent. I think he was afraid we weren't really going to let him, and he was going to be in that tent before we could tell him no. When we told him it was time to get ready for bed, in the tent, he just beamed. He was so proud to be doing what the big kids were doing. I think he was the first to go to sleep, and continued to beam the whole next day anytime anyone asked him about sleeping in the tent. Hmm. . . maybe I should let him sleep in a tent every night!

The guys worked on the siding of the house. It is coming along. We worked in the garden some. We took a walk to the creek. It is almost dry which is very unusual for this time of year. We did find a salamander though. There was a birthday party for the kids with May or June birthdays. We played games, had a campfire, roasted marshmallows, and chatted. It was busy and relaxing at the same time.

Sunday we attended the Vandalia Gathering. I love this festival. It celebrate traditional West Virginia Culture. There are multiple stages with old time music. Even off the stages you see little groups playing banjo, fiddle, mandolin and other instruments. There is dancing; square, Irish, Bavarian, and others.

There was a hands on area for the kids with animals, instruments, candle making and other old time crafts. The kids made candles and corn hush dolls, tried their hand at grinding corn, and playing instruments.

The vendors at the Gathering are fabulous. Most things are handmade. There were wood workers, gardeners, potters, quilters, and so much more. I saw some very interesting wood projects that I think we could manage ourselves too. We packed a lunch, but there were plenty of food vendors there too.

The Gathering is held at the State Capital. All of the buildings are open, so we had a self guided tour of the capital building.

I love Vandalia! It is a great event, and did I mention it is free! Free parking, free entertainment , and activities. You know I love free! The only thing we paid for was the gas to get there, the food we packed and $3 for a plant I bought.

So, that was last weekend. This weekend we are planning to go to a huge swap meet. We have a list of animals we are hoping to buy. I'll keep you update. (Hopefully, before Thursday night next week!)


  1. wow- busy weekend! Looked like everyone had a good time. :)

  2. Wow- they can team up in 3's? I have found most kids do best in even numbers! What is your secret?

  3. nuclear meltdown was the word I was looking for.

  4. ooohhhh I'm Jealous! I love festivals and I love West Virginia! My wifes family is from Roane county and we try to get out there for the Black Walnut Festival whenever we plan a trip. I'd move in a minute if I could.

  5. Sounds like everyone had a great time! I hope the rest of your summer is just as fun!

  6. Sounds like a great time.

  7. wow! that looks like a lot of fun!

  8. looks like a fantastic time!