Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm Still Here

In case you were wondering, like another reader who emailed me, we are still here. Things are very busy, but fine. Still no more rabbits. Looks like maybe the other two does weren't bred. Rabbits not breeding who ever heard of that?! We'll try again, but Kellen won't have market rabbits for the fair!

Our crazy hen, Chatter Box, is sitting! She made her nest under a table in a storage area, not the chicken coop. She preferred to roost in the storage area too. Hopefully, we will have some chicks running around soon. The ducks are both laying too. They've made a nest under our deck. I'm beginning what is wrong with our coop that nobody wants to lay there?

We did notice a rather large black rat snake nearby the other day. Any suggestions for how to keep him around (for the mice), but keep him out of the eggs?

Jake & Delilah are here with their kids. Miles and Ashley are here, and Aunt Hazel and Terry are coming. We have a full house this weekend. Kellen, Miles, Ashley, Lydia, and Jude slept in a tent last night in the woods. It is far enough that I can barely see the tent, but not so far that we couldn't hear them giggling away last night. There were in at 6:30 for breakfast this morning. I wonder how grumpy they will be today.

Today we are hanging out, and having a birthday party for the May and June birthdays. Tomorrow we are going to the Vandalia Festival in Charleston. We went last year. This post tells a little about it.

There is a quick update. Guessing I won't be around much until Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend!


  1. I have no suggestions on keeping him around....only in chasing him off. I put an entire box of mothballs out to keep them away from out house. They aren't poisonous, but the kids get freaked out by them....okay, so do I!

  2. Hope you have fun this weekend!
    Sorry, no idea how to accomplish both things with the snake. I think with snakes it's one or the other. :o)

  3. AAAAIIIIHHHH! SNAKE! :oO That is a BIG snake. Ick, ick, ick.

  4. sorry no experience of snakes one of the benefits of living in Ireland

  5. Nosuggestions on keeping snake around. They will eat the baby chicks also.

  6. Eeewww, snake!! No luck here, sorry.