Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Linking Up

We've been having some beautiful days here. We've been working on the garden and fencing in the pasture. The guys cut up a couple of locust trees to use for post. We all (ok they did most of it) had to hoof them up to the fence, over the fence, up the bank and load them on the trailer. I love all the outside work, but my body is reminding me it is much more physical work than I'm used to. It's all good. I need the exercise. Now, if I could just stay out of those chocolate chips!

Here are your Tuesday links.

Festival of Frugality - May Day Festivities
Full of good ideas to save you money! My entry ((Low Cost (and Free) Flower Beds)) made the top ten! YES!

Money Stories
These are personal stories about money issues.

Postie Carnival
A little bit of this and a little bit of that from Pay Per Post Affiliates.

Carnival of Recipes - Quick and Easy
I may need some of these. We were working outside until after 8 yesterday. The kids go to bed at 9. Talk about needing a quick and easy meal!

Next week's edition is International Recipes. I love international food. Can't wait to see what is offered.

Carnival of Family Life
Jennifer did a wonderful job hosting this large, but great carnival.

Carnival of the Story Tellers
Stories to entertain. Some true some fiction.

Make It From Scratch

Michelle has announced this month's Write-Away Contest topic: vacations! Should be a good one!

Have a great day!


  1. Stephanie, your garden post was so great! You're really on fire with the carnivals and such. Wish I had your motivation lately : )

  2. Hey...I came from Amy's blog (the Scavenger Hunt). I like your blog...just saying "Hi"!

  3. Nice links. thanks for sharing!