Friday, April 27, 2007

The Post I Can't Post and One I Can

What I can't say:
I have this great story to post. I want to tell it so badly. I want to remember it later.

But I can't post it. It's not offensive, but Kellen (8) says it is embarrassing. It is nothing he did, but it is about him. I've tried to tell him that in ten years (or less) he will be happy to have a story like this. He doesn't believe me.

Out of respect for Kellen, I'm not posting the story. I'm just putting this here so I remember it later. Memory Joggers: And we were worried about Lydia. I'm not sure this story would be so cute if it was about Lydia. (Why do we feel more protective of the girls than the boys?) He's got a face that more than his mom can love.

What I can say:
Rabbits again! Regular readers may remember the stories of the rabbits breeding that we didn't want to breed. A few weeks ago, when we got back from vacation, we finally had the New Zealands we want to breed, and we had a four day window of breeding time for the 4-H.

We put the first doe in with the buck. He was trying, but she was not interested. We tried one of the other does. She was a little calmer, but he acted like he could care less that she was in there. So, we tried the last doe we had. Neither seemed to care about the purpose we had them together for! ARRRGH! Now that we want rabbits to breed, they aren't cooperating? Whoever heard of rabbits not breeding when given the opportunity?

Kellen's remark, "I think he is a Christian rabbit. He only wants to be married to the first doe."

We called the breeder, and made the hour trip to exchange the buck. We were under a serious time crunch for the fair. The new buck was very frisky.
(I really considered not posting Kellen's remark. I hope I don't offend anyone. Please know it was made in innocence. I'm not sure he even fully understood it.)

Kellen's remark, "I think the new buck must be a Mormon."

The does again were not that cooperative. We did what we could, and are hoping for the best. I'll let you know in a few weeks if things were successful.


  1. Ah-h-h, I think I have an inkling what that first story is about!;-) It starts young, eh?
    Aunt Nancy

  2. ROFL at the Mormon comment! That's too funny b/c I had a couple of them on my doorstep yesterday.

    But teasing us? You've got a good story but you won't share it? But you'll tell us about it so we can wonder? That's not right! :P

  3. Mary,
    You know most of it. It has to do with coop. :)

  4. How cute is that? I have no quarrel with Mormons, but we lived down the street from a rather large Mormon family in Missouri. It is part of their beliefs that results in the large families. We Catholics are known for it, too.

  5. ROTFL at the Mormon comment!! I live in that area of the world (Idaho/Utah) and see the polygamists occasionally!!

    Yuppers, us Catholics like our large families, too.

  6. I say our big family is b/c of my Amish roots! :)

  7. ROFL. I'm Mormon. And although we don't do the polygamy thing anymore, I live nearby some polygamists...