Monday, April 30, 2007


Mamaw and Papaw's newest GrandAnimal:

Sophie had her foal early Sunday morning, a little filly. She is a cute, leggy little thing. No name yet. We are waiting to let Miles and Ashley help with a name this weekend. Mama and baby are doing great!

You'd think Mamaw and Papaw had a new grandchild. Sunday they were calling family members and we had to take the camera to church to show people pictures of the new girl.

The next animals we are expecting are ducks. Not baby ones, but four adults. Ducks weren't exactly high up on my list of animals to get, but a friend is giving them to us. Hard to pass up free (useful) animals. We should get them next Sunday. We are hoping to let them hatch out some this summer too! All these new animals! This is the fun part of the farm!


  1. Oh, look at the baby! I love her!!! She is so pretty, with her light coat. And look how nicely she's following her Mama! I'm with Mamaw and Papaw...a new baby animal is like a new grandchild!
    I can't wait to hear what her name is. Me...for some reason, I'm thinking of "Hyacinth."

  2. I agree, Hyacinth is lovely as a name.

  3. Uhm...can you check with us first and make sure you don't pick a name we are planning to use. I've been told some of my baby names sound like horse names. ha ha. Meadow would be a nice horse name. We aren't going to use that one.

  4. Okay...I just asked Jake and he doesn't have an answer either. What are ducks good for? Are you going to eat them? I vote for more chickens. While visiting my parents I ate fresh eggs and man you can tell a difference. The yokes were a bright orange and so yummy.

  5. Delilah
    Now that would be funny. . . or maybe not.

    As for the ducks, you use them for meat and eggs. The eggs are much larger than chickens, and I've been told richer too.

    Chickens are high on the list. Chatter box needs a rooster! :) I have a story about her. Might blog about it later.

  6. Oh so sweet!

    I'll have to show this picture to my boys - they're very into horses!

  7. so pretty!!! Wow..I would be proud of it too!

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