Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Lost Dinner

This is the kind of week I am having. As the kids say, "Two sleeps until the beach." Normally, I am a pretty productive and efficient person, but this week I am having trouble focusing, and feel like my head is going twenty directions. Here is the latest example.

We got most of the groceries for vacation yesterday, but today I wanted to make one more stop to pick up some chicken breasts that were on sale. The store was on the way to Kellen's orthodontist appointment, so it really wasn't much extra to make another stop.

While there, I saw some pork chops marked down, because they were close to the sell by date. Yesterday the kids and I joked that we weren't eating anything until we went on vacation. It seemed like all the groceries we unloaded were quickly repacked for our vacation. There is food in the freezer, but since I hadn't gotten anything out, those pork chops looked like a quick and easy dinner to me.

Upon arriving home, we unloaded, and put away the groceries. After that last bag was empty, I realized I hadn't seen the pork chops. I looked through the things set aside for our trip; not there. I dug through the fridge; not there. I searched for an over looked bag in the van; not there. I walked around outside, looking for chewed up packaging, thinking maybe the dog got a hold of it somehow; no such sign.

I can only hope that the package never made it to my van. My fear is that the package is sitting in a cupboard or other some such place, and won't be discovered until we return from vacation to a house wreaking of rotten pork.

Two sleeps until the beach, and I can't even keep track of tonight's dinner. How I am I supposed to organize and pack all the things a family of six needs at the beach for a week?


  1. Ewww! That would be awful to come home from vacation to rotting meat in the house. Have a good vacation!

  2. Oh my! That totally sounds like something I would do.

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation at the beach!

  3. Have a wonderful vacation, Steph and family. I'm guessing the pork chops are still at the store. [Maybe because I did the same thing last week (with clothes, though).]
    Aunt Nancy

  4. I can only laugh as I've misplaced things from the grocery store (or clothing store too!) Just yesterday actually. Coffeehusband came to bed last night and I sleepily mumbled to him that I 'thought' I bought him khaki's but I didn't know where they were.

    Today I found them in the back of the truck.... where I left them yesterday. LOL.

    We've driven to the beach almost every year for the past 14. Started when we only had 2 children. I know EXACTLY what you are doing right now because I'll be doing it next week! :)

  5. And you know it will turn up under the couch or something, nice and ripe, when you get home :)

  6. I HATE it when that happens!!! My fear is always that, instead of just that one item getting left on the checkout counter, that the entire bag that it was in did. The last time I went shopping, I made it home without the Downy sheets that I bought. I never did find them. I still wonder what else might have gotten left with it.
    You will be so happy to be relaxing at the beach with all of this preparation behind you!!!

  7. Oh, that stinks! And will literally stink if they're stuck in a cabinet somewhere! LOL

    Hope your trip is fun... and that it's a lot warmer at the beach than it is here!

  8. I have done that. I found it in the drygoods cupboard. Actually my nose found it.

  9. Oh no! I hate losing stuff, too. The other night, I looked all over for "the cold stuff box" and then realized it was already unpacked and items safely in the fridge!

  10. I left my entire order of groceries at the store once. at our grocery store, they have a drive-thru pick up and I drove all the way home- 12 miles! I called them and they had stuck my cold stuff in the flower cooler. Thank goodness!
    I hope your pork chops are at the store, too, or PU!

  11. Ooooo, I hope you found it!! Have a good time at the beach. Hopefully you just left it at the grocery, not in the cupboard...

  12. Found you through the Carnival.

    Ick I so hope that you left it at the store and you don't come home to a horrible smell.

  13. i'm here via the CFL.

    great story! it sounds like something that would happen to me! i hope you have a great time at the beach!

  14. You know you probably just left it behind at the register and had some cashier running out of the store trying to catch you! Hope you have a fun time!

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  16. Definitely a lot going on for you! I already read your return post so I know you had a wonderful trip!
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