Monday, April 02, 2007

A Busy Weekend and a Rough Monday

Grandma and Grandpa (Tim's parents) came for a visit this weekend. Uncle Kent came too as a surprise! They came Thursday afternoon and stayed until Saturday afternoon. It was a weekend jammed with family fun!

Grandma brought three new games:Apples to Apples, UNO H2O Splash, and Blink . We played games most of the weekend. We played out on the deck, and in on the table. We played morning, noon, and night. We all had a lot of fun. She left the UNO and Blink. I am thinking about getting the Jr. version of Apples to Apples before we leave for vacation.

When we weren't playing games, we were eating. Yes, we did a little more than that. A rabbit hutch was built. Grandpa, Uncle Kent, Kellen, Lydia, Tim and I went for a hike to the creek. Grandma stayed back with Vivian who was running a fever, and Nolan, who actually asked her to tuck him in for a nap!

It a was a great day for a walk. It was sunny, but not too hot. We found wild flowers, a turtle, and
some oyster mushrooms. We enjoyed the mushrooms as a side to dinner. The adults took a little break, while the kids and the dog played in the creek. Then we headed back.

Vivian was still not feeling great, but we had a belated birthday party. She made it through with a little help from some infants Tylenol. She wasn't too sure about the cake or the ice cream, but she did enjoy the presents! She would grab them (mostly clothes) and then whip them beside her, and grab the next one. It was really cute!

Saturday afternoon Grandma, Grandpa,and Uncle Kent went with the three oldest kids to an Easter party at Mamaw's work. The kids reported they had a great time. They brought back a ton of candy, if that is any indication. Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Kent headed home from there.

Vivian seemed much better in the morning, but by afternoon her fever was pretty high. She was very grumpy, even with medication. That night she slept well, until about 1:00, and then was up about every hour.

I stayed home from church with her Sunday. She finally did sleep, and slept most of the morning. I tried to get some sleep too, but mostly laid there thinking about everything I need to do. I ended up walking around, trying to get a few things done in that groggy state called exhaustion.

This morning her fever was all but gone. Unfortunately, she is still pretty grumpy. We all had a rough morning. Everyone is a little tired from the weekend, and it is hard to get back into the routine.

We leave for the Outer Banks (N.C.) on Saturday. I'm trying to get laundry done, knowing I will probably have to do a few loads at the end of the week to finish packing. I'm trying to plan and pack for our vacation, but my head still feels groggy.

I think for now I'm just going to concentrate on laundry and the house. I can do those with out much brain power. Tonight the three oldest are going with Papaw to pick up the cousins. Then I will sit down and start my lists. I am a list maker you know. I need a list for clothing, food, (we are in a house, and will be cooking most of our meals)games, toys, and baby stuff. It will get done, I know. It just feels a little overwhelming coming off a busy week, and weekend with a sick baby.

Well enough of my whining. We really did have a great weekend, and are looking forward to a relaxing week in North Carolina. Now, I better get back to that laundry!


  1. We have Blink and Apples to Apples, Jr. Both are fun! I hope everyone will be sickness free this week as you prepare for your trip!

  2. I understand about the packing! I am always excited to get away, but get very bogged down in the packing. Like you, I have lists for everything, especially on our long summer vacations! There comes a point every time I pack that I just don't think that I can pull it together. Then, suddenly, I am done! There is no feeling like driving away from the house after a week of packing and knowing that the hard part is over.
    I enjoyed the pics. The week sounds very fun and makes me want to spend some time with my sister and her family.

  3. Sounds like everyone had fun! Grandpa looks snazzy in his hat. Great pictures.

  4. sounds like a fun weekend - happy memories to hold on too- I enjoyed your photos

  5. nice farmer's tan...( you could have cropped that out)

  6. Sounds like fun. I really miss the outerbanks, I went there for vacation with a friends family each summer for quite a few years. Take lots of pics for us!!!!

  7. I am so jealous...I am seriously CRAVING the beach right now. I have been trying to talk Jake into sneaking away - someplace warm and sandy - for the week-end. I don't know if he has decided yet. Hmmmmm. Oh....and I can't believe you get FREE oyster mushrooms. I have to pay $6.99 lb. Glad you guys had fun and get to get away!

  8. I visited you site for the first time today. I enjoyed reading your sweet posts! The Apple to Apples game sounds fun. I'm going to look for that one!

  9. wow - you've been busy! But fun busy is good busy! LOL Have a great trip.

    Oh, You can tell Tim I didn't notice the farmer's tan 'til he pointed it out. I had to go back and check. LOL

  10. Oh how I'd love to see North Carolina. Our friends went to the OUter Banks last summer and I've been dreaming ever since.

    And I LOVE Apples to Apples, we played with two other couples one night and had a blast.

  11. Well of course they went home after the Easter party, they knew what happens with kids and candy! :)

    I'm glad to hear the little one is better, life just stops when they are sick. And yet it doesn't and we have to get it all back together when it's all over don't we.

    I'm such a list person too! I think especially having kids, you dno't have time to keep all that stuff in your brain, you need to write it down! My think is I plan too much, like every hour of our trip. On one hand it's good because the kids to better with the routine, on the other hand, I JUST NEED TO RELAX!!

    We're in California and we're going to head to Nevada in a week to visit my relatives, I'll be in your packing postion in no time I suppose...