Friday, December 15, 2006

Why isn't Tim smiling?

I have gotten so many comments about Tim's expression on our family picture. We used this picture for our Christmas cards also, and I think everyone I've talked to, that has gotten the card, has asked me why Tim (aka Applehead) isn't smiling. As background, you must understand that Tim is the most laid back, happy-go-lucky, optimistic member of the 100 Acre Wood and is generally smiling. This stern look is not normal Some have suggested what they think he might be thinking;

Sister-in-law judeandelise suggested, "He looks like he was annoyed and wanted to get the photo over with"

Cousin Heather thought he was thinking, "I thought that camera would have snapped by now"

So, what do you think Tim might be thinking as this family photo was snapped? Leave your ideas in the comments (you may venture multiple guesses if you like) over the weekend and next week I (or perhaps Applehead himself) will tell you the real story.


  1. I was wondering, too, why he looked so stern. Then I got to wondering who had taken the photo, how you got the lighting just right, what Nolan was perched on, whether Kellen and Lydia were standing on a raised platform of some sort, etc.!!! I did seem to remember that Tim started growing facial hair after the Opy(sp?) comment (is that right?), so I thought that might have been a reason for his stern look -- that will count as my guess.
    Aunt Nancy

  2. oops, hope that doesn't smell.

  3. my hubby is ALWAYS thinking: "now how much longer will this go on?" He hates how many photos I take. :)

    it is a great photo though.

    sorry your comment go caught in my spam protector - i just found it now.

  4. I wish you would hurry up and snap the picture that sun is killing my eyes.

  5. "What if it is true that the camera will steal my soul and this is the unlikely time when my soul will be --" *click* "-- oh, good, soul still here."

  6. Still a great picture, what a wonderful family!!!

    Not sure what he's thinking - maybe "the weather is so nice, how can I get her to let me go hunting for the rest of the day???"

    PS - I love you "helping" ideas below too. I let my kiddo color on the envelopes while I addressed Christmas cards. It's fun to have those memories, you are right!