Friday, December 29, 2006

I guess that gift was a hit

Back in October, we made a trip to Coalwood, WV, home of the rocket boys. I have always liked the movie, October Sky and used in school when I was teaching. Kellen first saw it a few years ago. He liked it, but it was really my niece and nephew who loved the movie. Mamaw and Papaw learned that there is a festival each year and that Homer and some of the other "boys" return to Coalwood for it.

We all made the trip. You can see the pictures and the story here. Since then, Homer Hickam has become Kellen's hero. He has decided he wants to be an engineer like Homer and the college of choice is, of course, Virginia Tech. This is Homer's Alma Mater and they were at the festival with activities for the kids. (Pretty smart marketing if you ask me.) I realize Kellen is only 8 and will probably change his mind a 100 times, but I think he'd be a great engineer.

While there, Tim & I purchased a copy of Rocket Boys, and had it signed by Homer Hickam. It took a little sneakiness, but we were able to get it signed without Kellen knowing. We wanted to save it for a Christmas gift.

We gave it to Kellen Christmas morning. He finished it this morning. This is not a juvenile fiction book. This is a full sized adult memoir. 368 pages! Kellen is an avid reader, but even this is quick for him. I guess he liked his Christmas present. Now maybe I can finish it! :)

Please note this is not a children's novel. There is some language and some violence. The movie was rated PG and from what I have read in the book it would have a similar rating. We decided it was ok for Kellen, but you may want to preview for your children!

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