Monday, July 24, 2006

Thit List

Yesterday we celebrated Kellen's 8th birthday. His actual birthday was Friday, but we waited until today to go out to eat and have cake and presents. It was interesting as always.

To preface this story please understand that my brother Eric is deaf. His first language is American Sign Language. English is a second language to him. One he is not very fluent in.

He took the kids to the store to each pick out a card and gift for Kellen. The gifts were good ones, the cards . . . well this is where the language becomes an issue.

Kellen opened Ashley's first. The card has a caricature of a chiuawau on the outside. The inside says "It's your birthday and I couldn't be more excited - well, not without wetting myself!" Ok elementary potty humor, funny no biggie!

Miles' pick; the outside has a picture of a duck wrapped up in toilet paper, "I couldn't forget to thend you a birthday card." Inside of the card "I don't want to end up on your thit list" As Kellen is reading this card all the adults, except Eric, are choking on their ice cream cake. Kellen is stumbling over the word "thit" because it looks like a nonsense word to him. The other kids are looking at us like "what I don't get it?"

My dad tries to explain it to them without actually saying what "thit" is. You know the "s" word. We are all rolling and then Miles pipes up, "Oh I just thought it meant to be on your birthday list."


  1. Oh My Goodness! That's hysterical - I have a deaf Aunt and niece, so I can totally relate! Makes for some interesting interpretations!