Monday, July 17, 2006

The house is so quiet.

Yes, you read that right. It is like Vivian is an only child. The oldest cousins are here. (Just missing jude and Elise are they ready for a visit?) You would think that would make the house even louder. Well, it may have made mom's house louder, but it is quiet here!:)Nolan was out the door as soon as he could manage. Lydia and Kellen had things to take care of, but followed shortly. Ashley, Lydia and Nolan have been outside some and at mom's. Kellen and Miles are holed up in Kellen's room reading Guinness Book of World Records. I probably should kick them outside to play, but they are very quiet and it has been very hot and humid here (now it is 88 with 57% humidity) so I am letting them enjoy the air. So all the kids are occupied except Viv who of course still sleeps a lot. Oh blessed peace and quiet! It makes tackling my Monday mountain of laundry a bit more bearable!

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