Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oops missed again

Well I missed Frugal Fridays again! I am slackin'! I was on vacation the first week I missed and I had every intention of posting this Friday, but . . .

The week was crazy, catching up from vacation and also trying to get ready for a kids church camp out we were hosting Friday and Saturday. Then the rain started. My dad was trying his best to get stone down to help with the mud. And it kept on raining. Thursday morning I woke up with a stomach ache, but I still needed to get the food for the camp out. So Vivian and I headed to Wal Mart first thing. My stomach was not feeling well, but we made it through.

When we got home I had a message to call the pastor's wife (Linda). She is the one who was coordinating the camp out. It was still raining and the forecast was for rain. We decided to move the camp out to a park with shelters for the day and overnight at the church. Thankfully, she did all the phone calls and scrambling. I just had to rethink the food and sort it for what went to the park and what went to the church and had to think about packing our stuff.

I was still feeling bad so I thought I would take a nap and try to do the stuff later. It takes a lot to keep me down, but 103 temperature will do it. I was in bed the rest of the day. I slept in between updates on the camp out, trips to the bathroom, trying to let Tim know how to pack up the stuff and feeding the baby. I asked my mom if she could go do the cooking bit for the camp out.

My fever broke sometime early Friday morning. I still ached a bit, but at 7:00 I decided I would go and packed up the Tylenol. The camp went well. It was interesting, but good. I may blog some more about it later. For a little taste there was a boy there whose name was Rowdy. No that is not his nickname that is his actual name. Mom still came and helped and I felt ok but a little wiped out. It was nice to have help. Today I feel tired, but just a lack of sleep tired, not aching sick tired.

So please forgive me for not living up to my promised Friday post. I will get one done this week. Nothing big happening this week, just a trip to the library, the cousins are here, Vivian's Dr. appointment, Kellen's birthday . . . . Oh you know just the normal busy! :)

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  1. Wow. I have a friend whose name is Rowdy as in it is not a nickname. I didn't realize that he wasn't the only one. Of course my friend is quite a bit older (he's 18), but it's still awesome.