Friday, May 12, 2006

short & funny update

Today I thought I'd blog about some of the funny things the kids are up to . . .

Kellen -He continues with Holler Climbing (prev post) this weekend's project is to make holler climbing ids! In addition he is building a drum set from 5 gallon buckets.

Lydia - She was going to run errands with Papaw. She says to him, "I will pick out your clothes. I do it for Nolan." Funny, I don't remember this. He politely declines. When he is dressed she says, "Papaw you are so handsome." Hmmm. They are not even out the drive when she says, "Papaw can you poil (spoil) me?" Of course Papaw stops for ice cream after they run errands.

Nolan - He is so into trucks. Tim posted about his new T-shirt. I think he was in it about a day and a half before we could get it off. He also "parks" cars in his bed to sleep with him at night. Not just matchbox size either. He parks Kellens R/C Jeeps which are rather large.

Vivian - well she really isn't doing anything funny yet. She is still smiling and looks like she wants to laugh but can't get the noise out. She still is high maintenance, but she is getting better and easier to calm.

That is some snippets from our days. It is crazy around here. I am not sure what date this post will show. I started it Friday, it is now Sunday evening.

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