Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Don't Touch that Dial!

I like music. I like lots of different kinds of music, but I have never really been "in to" music. Meaning I rarely know the names of groups or any info about them. Music is also very much background to me. I will turn on a station in the morning and rarely change it all day.

I live with a musician. Needless to say he is very "into" music. He also likes to listen to a variety of music. We have XM in the house so there is lots to listen to. He wants to change the station frequently. You know how guys are with a TV remote? Tim can be like that with XM too! And regardless of what I have on Tim seems to change it within the first 30 minutes he is home and often turns it up.

Usually what he changes it to is something I don't mind listening to. The only time I really mind is if it has been a loud (kid) day, I can't handle rock. I do mind the volume increase regardless of the day. My senses are usually already overloaded. Please do not increase the volume so we all have yell or speak loudly to hear each other. Isn't there enough yelling already? :)

I also do mind that he doesn't ask! Usually it doesn't matter, but what if I was really enjoying what I was listening to?

Then the thing that drives me nuts! He will spend 5 minutes "surfing," pick something, be in the house another five minutes and go outside to do some work! Or if he is staying inside I might ask him to help me a do a job that just takes a couple minutes like changing a diaper. He will spend five minutes picking the right music for the job before doing it.

It just shows the differences in our personalities. I am very efficient and practical. Tim is not! Yes, we have talked about this and he knows I am posting about it. I just think it is funny and thought I would share!


  1. ok ok ok.... I do confess I do do that, but I ask more often now.What she listens too is that christian pop channel and It is way too cheesy for me most of the time. (Although I just posted about liking Kelly what's her name.)She is never listening anyway.It just bugs her that I have to be messing with something all the time.

  2. I miss the Torch on XM. I will switch over to the Christian station for a while but it does get to cheesy for me sometimes to.

  3. I agree....Don't touch the dial! WNIR, all day, every day!!!!!!!! Ha ha. Funny, I could actually picture Tim doing the things you described.

  4. I miss the torch too! Though I thought they were too repetitive sometimes. I agree there is too much cheese on the Message but I leave it there. There are other stations I like to, but mostly listen to that one, classical or jazz. I am not as comfortable listening to the secular ones I like with the kids around! (hypocrite?) :)