Monday, May 08, 2006

Relax, Reflect, Connect

I (and Vivian) spent Friday and Saturday at a womens retreat with the ladies from our old church. It was so good to have some time of quiet and to reconnect with friends in "real" conversations about life and God. I took my relationships with these ladies for granted when we lived there. I knew I would miss them, but didn't really realize how much I needed them until we had left. I told Tim that it is bittersweet everytime we get together with them. It is so good to be together and conversations flow like we have never left. Sometimes conversations seem even more meaningful b/c the time together is valued highly. Then there is the bitter reminder of how much we left and of course the time comes to an end and we leave again.

The weekend was very laid back. Vivian did fairly well. She spent most of the time in the sling, but she slept so I was not complaining! The retreat was at a beautiful state park. The food was yummy! There was lots of down time to enjoy the scenery, connect with each other or spend time alone with the Lord. Even in the "structured time" there was quiet and the "activities" were conversational. Just what I needed and what everyone else seemed to need to. There is never enough time to spend with all the people I wanted to, but I did reconnect with some that I was really missing!

I even enjoyed the drive. It was about 4 1/2 hours to the retreat. Vivian is very good in the car. She sleeps. I only had to stop once the whole trip for her. So basically I had nine hours completely to myself to think or listen to music. I loved it! I guess I was desperate for some quiet! :)

As good as it was though it was good to be back home. And regardless of how much I miss the people there, this feels like home. As soon as I turned off the main road onto the crazy hilly road that brings us to our ridge, I thought "This is home." I love the woods and the life we live and raising the kids here. A friend told me this weekend she wishes that we could have found all we have here without leaving there. We have often said that we wish we could have brought all the people there down here with us. Neither of us will get our wish, but I can cherish and maintain the old relationships while remembering to do the same for the new ones.

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  1. So glad you got to go. Good for Tim for holding down the fort.
    Aunt Nancy