Wednesday, May 03, 2006

She Smiles!

It has been eight weeks of a fussy, grumpy and screaming baby! Vivian has been high maintence. (per previous post) Ask my parents they watched her for 3 hours and were more than ready to give her back! :) But she has been a different baby this week. She has been easier to get to sleep and sleeping better during the day. She has slept some in the bassinet at night. She has been more content when awake and will even sit in her swing or bouncy seat for awhile. I am afraid to say she has turned a corner, she may wake up grumpy tomorrow, but we have been enjoying these contented days!

I need to get some new pictures up. Tim tells me it is easy, but I haven't tried yet. Maybe I will get that done later this afternoon.

Today she started really smiling! She had given me some half smiles before, but today she was giving me full happy smiles. It is so cute! Vivian is happy and smiling . . . so is mom!

1 comment:

  1. And may there be many more days of full smiles.
    Aunt Nancy