Sunday, January 26, 2014

This is a Winter

Winter is showing its power this year. It has been cold. There has been snow. It feels like I'm living in Northeast Ohio again. It is downright pretty though, even if it causes a lot more work on the farm.

I have to admit I am pretty spoiled. With both of us teaching now, Tim has taken over the animal chores that I used to do while he was at work. He and the kids take care of the animals, while I take care of the kitchen. That lack of outside work and increased kitchen time is starting to show up on my thighs.

This is how Tim bundles up to go out to feed and thaw water twice a day. Maybe I should buy him a ski mask.....

Yesterday we got another 3" or so to add to what was already on the ground. In the morning there was just your typical pretty snowfall. The afternoon brought a thundersnow shower with pink lightning, a white out, and thunder. It was very cool to watch while cuddled up on the couch. Those who were out and about in it though, were not so impressed.

Most of the animals don't seem to mind the cold all that much. The dogs, in fact, seem to be thrilled with the cooler temperatures and all the white fluffy stuff. They go romping and wrestling back and forth all day long.

The pigs are happy to root around in the snow and to head back to their warm building when they are done. They are happy to see Tim coming too because they know that means feed and water. They line up patiently while he thaws the outside nipples.

We had been leaving the poultry penned up in an effort to keep them in constant water. We decided to buy a heated water base so that we could open their door and let them go out. The turkeys were the only ones brave enough to venture into the white stuff. 

The chickens went to the door, poked at the snow a bit at the top of the ladder, and turned right around and went back in. It was if they were saying, "That is interesting, but no thanks."

We stayed home this morning because the back roads are a mess. Today it is supposed to get in the 40s. We will get a little melt. Then it is supposed to rain and snow, and next week be back to below freezing temperatures. It is sure to be an icy mess. Winter may be pretty, but driving in it is not. Come on spring!

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  1. Love that Turkey . . . Not so much the pigs. HA!