Wednesday, January 08, 2014

That must be it.

This kid.

This one.

Look at that face. Can you see it?

He is so cute, adorable even at times, to the point that you just want to cuddle him and kiss his cute little cheeks. He can be charming, sweet, and has a very tender heart.

Behind that lovable facade lives the heart of one ornery little boy. A little boy who knows everyone's buttons, and just how to push them. A little boy who sometimes does not know when he has crossed the line which can result in frustrated and angry family members.

This child was a pleasure to have home over Christmas break. We had a restful and enjoyable break. On the whole, the family got along well, and we saw the lovable side of Nolan. The bickering among all the kids was minimal, even during the four hour stretches of travel time when we were visiting family.

Today was our first day back after our Christmas break which was extended two days because of the bitter winter weather that swept the nation. We started back to school with a two hour delay. We ended the day with our normal car ride home plus a stop for feed. It was no fun.

Nolan was loud. He was talking in obnoxious voices. He couldn't keep his mouth closed to save his life, often talking about nothing to no one, after everyone had asked him to be quiet. By the time we got home, Kellen was on the verge of strangling Nolan. Tim had a headache, and I wanted to ground Nolan for the rest of his life.

Admittedly, there is a certain toll the school day takes on us all. We are all a little tired, and a little less tolerant by the end of the day. Well, all of us except Nolan. He seems to be bursting at the seams, physically and verbally. This isn't just today, but most days on the way home from school.

Then it occurred to me why he is like that at the end of the day. He has had to sit still, raise his hand, not talk when he really wants to, and generally behave the entire day. He does it well. Did I mention he received an obedience award at school? After 8 hours of quiet, still, good behavior, he is truly about to burst with words and movement.

So, this kid, that cute one up there in the picture, needs to burst at school before all the family has to ride home with him in a small space. This kid needs to do jumping jacks, run around the gym, and be silly before we leave school. This kid needs to vent somehow before he makes his family crazy.

Let the ornery out!

Bring back the adorable!

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