Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Moving here was a huge change in our life. It was a change in location, and in lifestyle. It was hardly the end of the changes. There have been many big changes since, and I've come to realize that change really is a constant in this life. When we moved here I was pregnant with Vivian. Our second winter here Kellen looked like this:

Kellen Feb. 2007

Today I took this picture of Vivian:

Vivian Jan. 2014
Notice anything? Vivian is now almost the age Kellen was when we moved here. Vivian is wearing the overalls we bought for Kellen that first winter. Two thoughts enter my head: 1) How can the child that I was pregnant with be as big as my big kid? 2) Those overalls were an incredibly good investment!

Changes, they just keep coming. It seems like yesterday Kellen was that little big kid. He is now getting letters from colleges. He is discussing college, career, and life choices. He preparing to enter the adult world. It is just around the corner. 

He'll be shortly followed by Lydia, then Nolan, and then that little baby I was pregnant with will be on her way to adulthood too. The changes keep coming. There is no sense in fighting it.

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