Saturday, January 11, 2014

A little water. A little food.

A year and a half ago there was the Derecho that left some without power for two weeks.

A few months later, Hurricane Sandy, surprised West Virginia with an October snow storm that left us without power again.

Just a week ago, a polar vortex froze the nation.

Strange weather happens. Power goes out. Road and weather conditions sometimes make it unwise to venture out.

Now, the nation is talking about an  industrial accident here in West Virginia. A state of emergency has been
declared, and thousands have been told not to use their water for any purpose except toilet flushing. Thankfully, we are not affected by this ban, but not by much. The red circle is the edge of the affected water systems. We are just on the other side of that line in Cabell County.

Reading people's reaction on websites and social media makes me angry. Yes, I get that water is necessary. Yes, I understand frustration and anger at the situation. What angers me is the finger pointing, the blaming, the demanding, and mostly the expectation that someone (the government) needs to step in and save those affected RIGHT NOW. While there may be fingers to point and blame to place, that needs to happen later. None of this groaning and moaning helps the immediate problem at hand.

Help yourself. Help each other. If you are depending on the government's help in a crisis, you will be waiting. We as individuals can react more quickly, and efficiently.

Derecho, Sandy, Polar Vortex, and Industrial Accidents; They happen. How many times do these things have to happen before we all learn to prepare a little. This isn't doomsday prepping. This isn't apocalyptic thinking. This is reality. Put a little food aside. Put a little water aside. Be prepared for freak weather or industrial accidents. Take care of yourself. Put a little more food and water aside, and help take care of your neighbors.

Don't be among the masses running to the store at every prediction of bad weather. Don't be among those throwing a tantrum like a toddler because they are inconvenienced and can't have what they want now. Be proactive. Be independent. Be prepared.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I so agree that if we all are willing to prepare a little to help ourselves, and then be willing to help our neighbors we'd be much better off in a crisis.
    People need to realize that the government is not going to save them from everything, nor are they responsible to do so. We all have to have some amount of personal responsibility. Our world is much better off when we help ourselves and others.
    Thank you again for sharing!