Monday, April 29, 2013

My Favorite Place

The hundred acres wood is a big place full of steep hills, old overgrown logging roads, and deep hollows. There are places on the property I have not even seen.  And sadly, we'd stopped exploring.

We had gotten stuck in a rut. We worked, worked, worked the farm, but the land we use for the farm is only a fraction of the property. We rarely ventured beyond that space, and when we did it was on the same old paths that we've followed for years.

This spring, what began as a desire to find ramps, has turned into a Sunday afternoon habit of walks in the woods in places we rarely go. We haven't found ramps (or morels for that matter,) but we have found some beautiful things.

One spot, in particular has caught my fancy. It is on a north facing slope. It is a rain run off that is tucked deeply in the curve of the hill. It is cool, damp, rocky, and full of some of my favorite woodland flora. The hillside is covered with fern, and the first time we walked this way we spotted trillium.

Yesterday, we went to check if the trillium were blooming. They were. They are gorgeous.

I explored a little deeper down the run off, and found another lovely plant. I'd never seen this one in the wild before. It is jack-in-the-pulpit. 

Lydia and I also discovered the area is full of spicebush. I've gathered these berries before, and they are a wonderful spice. We will be gathering late this summer. 

I love this spot. It is fairly easily accessible, and I do believe it is the prettiest spot on the property. Here are a few more pictures from our walk.

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