Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nosy Little Piggies

Yesterday I tried to get some pictures of our 2 week old piglets. Do you know how hard that is? It is so much easier when they are little. When they are little they lay with their momma or under the heat lamp a lot. They aren't too sure about me, and the keep a save distance. That you can capture in a picture.

Fast forward a couple weeks, they are still adorably cute, but now they are very active, not to mention nosy. Sweet photos are hard to capture because they are checking out what that contraption is in my hand. I end up with photos like these:

They just don't hold still! I try to get back for a photo, and this is about the best I can do:

Would you please hold still! Poor momma pig with eight of these guys running around. They won't even wait until she is ready to feed them. They just help themselves while she is trying to eat her breakfast:

Darn little piglets! You are so cute! (for a few more weeks anyhow.)


  1. Yes, they are cute. But, I just keep thinking BACON!!!!!! lol

    1. Just give them a few weeks. They lose their cute, and bacon is all I think about too! :)

  2. Too cute. The pictures remind me of trying to take videos of kids. They all end with a closeup of the kid's nose/ear/whatever saying, "I want to see!!!"