Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chicken Stock

Making your own stock is incredibly easy, and results in a healthier and tastier stock than what you'll ever buy in a can at a store.

The best part, to this frugal minded farmer, is that making chicken stock is practically free. You can make it almost entirely with things that you would otherwise be throwing out, composting, or feeding to your chickens.

For the most basic of  chicken stock you need chicken parts including the bones and water. You can boil a stew chicken as a start to your stock. You can use the carcass of a broiler, or you can use other parts of the chicken like I did here. This pot of chicken stock was made with the necks left from a processing day.

Adding vegetables and herbs adds more flavor and nutrition. You can even use vegetable scraps. In this pot, you'll see onion skins, celery leaves, and carrot peels. I also add a little salt and pepper, but generally keep the spices to a minimum. Seasoning can be added later according to what the stocked is used for.

Simply throw all the ingredients in a stock pot full of water. Bring to a boil, and let simmer for an hour or more. Strain out the chicken and vegetables, and you're left with an incredibly rich and delicious stock. The stock can be used immediately, kept in the fridge for awhile, frozen, or canned.

Skip the cans of chicken broth and the bullion cubes. Making your own stock is easy and economical!

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