Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mmmm Steak Done Right

photo credit: Dusty Hurley
Recently, I had a friend and customer ask me how I cook our steaks. She and her husband love a good steak out, but have been unable to create a result they are happy with at home. They have good meat, but need to learn how to cook the steaks right.

I gave her my quick and easy version of steak grilling 101. Pre-heat the grill until it is good and hot. Season the steak lightly with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Turn the grill to medium-high and grill away. I explained the thumb test for checking when the meat is done. Don't know that one? It is explained pretty well here. Then I emphasized that you have to let the meat rest before digging in.

Now, I have always been pretty pleased with my steak grilling results, but her question got me thinking, "Is there an even better way?" Cooking farm raised beef is a little different than cooking feed lot beef. So off to Google I went in search of an even better way to grill our fabulous steaks.

I found this, How to Cook the Perfect, Tender Grassfed Steak. She provides a lot of interesting tips and information, but the main difference in her grilling method is that after searing, the meat is cooked away from the flame. Interesting, and a great excuse to pull some rib eyes out of the freezer for the test kitchen.

It was just Tim and I last night, another great excuse to eat steak. I made a little steak seasoning, roughly based on Rick's Steak Seasoning. I lit the grill, and proceeded according to the method shared in the link above.

The results were fantastic. What you'd like to see a picture? Sorry, Tim and I devoured those rib eyes before I even thought that I might want a picture. Thus you get a picture of the steak (and then some) while it was still out on the pasture.

So glad my friend asked the question. So glad I went searching for a better answer. So glad we have more steaks in the freezer.

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