Monday, December 19, 2011

He is a Little Fruity.

I sent Nolan to the freezer to looking for coating chocolate while I was cleaning up some dishes. With my back turned to him, I heard him ooohing and aaaahhhhing, so I assumed he had found the chocolate. When I turned around he had a huge grin on his face. The bag he was holding however, was not full of chocolate.

The exciting find was a bag of frozen blueberries. He had stopped looking for the chocolate and was begging me to eat the blueberries. This is the most fruit eating kid I've ever known.


  1. Can't blame him. Wanted some last week for bread pudding till I saw the price.

  2. What did mom like while she was pregnant with him? You just might find a common denominator, there.

    I was on Weight Watchers while pregnant with Jen. There wasn't a veggie she would not eat. And she just freaked out employees at McDonalds and other restaurants when they'd ask her what she wanted with her Happy Meal or other meal..." Water, please! "

    Teach him how to bake with those blueberries and you'll enjoy seeing a whole lot more than that grin! Lucky YOU!!!!

  3. You need to get him to a doctor ASAP! He must be sick if he prefers fruit over chocolate! HAHA Really you are lucky to have him on the right path to healthy eating so he won't be a lard butt like me. :)