Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We did have a little fun. . .

The vast majority of our trip to Philadelphia involved us sitting on our rears. Leaving Sunday morning and returning late Tuesday night, we spent roughly 18 hours sitting in the van,13 hours sitting in the eye center, and of course hours spent sitting to eat and the inactive hours when we slept. But outside of those hours we were walking.

It has been a long time since I've been in a big city, and Philadelphia made recently visited cities, such as Cincinnati and Durham look quite quaint. I do enjoy visiting the city, but must admit to feeling a bit out of place when we first got there. Our hotel was mere blocks from the eye center, right in the city. Once the car was parked in the garage, it stayed there until we were ready to head home.

I played tourist and hung out our hotel window to get pictures the first night.  I love how Philadelphia has the really old mixed in with the modern.

The majority of Monday was spent at the eye center.

We did have a few hours at the end of the day for a little tourist activity. With historical sites such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall within walking distance we (I) couldn't resist even though we all were pretty wiped out from the drive and the day at the eye center.  Unfortunately, many of the inside sights closed before we were able to go through them. We did get to see the Liberty Bell. Well, at least Kellen and I did. Tim had to wait outside. That funny story I will save for a post all of its own. 

And we were able to take in a few things from an outside view. 

Tuesday was Kellen's biopsy. After that we had to hit the road and head back home. We did however, make a quick stop for lunch at Pat's King of Steaks for the required Philly Cheesesteak where New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sat a couple of tables from us enjoying his lunch. Quite honestly, I wouldn't have recognized him, but my more politically savvy husband did. Of course the suits with ear pieces hovering around should have alerted me that someone well known was eating lunch near us.

And that about covers our whirlwind trip to the big city of Philadelphia.

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  1. Ah, the land of William Penn and my peeps. Both sides of the family are from there, or nearby in the Lower Saucon Valley. I never got a chance to live there, but we hope to retire outside of Philly in Wassergas(Hellertown). I want an old farm and land...hoping to buy my grandfather's old farm if it hasn't been cut up and sold in pieces by then.

    Still offering up prayers for Kellen.