Monday, September 19, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait

In my last post, Glasses and More, I shared that a routine eye exam showed that Kellen has a lesion behind his eye that is causing his retina to detach. Last week we made a whirlwind trip to Philadelphia to see one of the top specialists in the country.

We saw several doctors and they ran many tests, much to my frustration many of the same tests he had here in Huntington. At the end of a long day we still had no answers, and the doctor was calling the lesion atypical. They scheduled a needle biopsy for the next morning, and we headed home to wait for the results.

The biopsy showed that the lesion was not a tumor. That is very good news, but it doesn't answer the question of what the lesion is actually. Nor does it fix the problem that is causing the retina to detach, and Kellen to lose vision. The doctors suspect that it is some kind of infection, possibly something originating from an animal. We have a friend whose husband has a similar condition cause by a spore from bird/bat feces. Mom has a co-worker with a similar condition caused by a bacteria carried by chickens.

Kellen and I spent a good day at the doctor/hospital for tests before we went to Philadelphia. Now he gets to go to yet another specialist. This time it is an Infectious Disease doctor. We aren't sure which one yet though, because the first one recommended to us doesn't see minors..... So now we wait again. We wait for a referral to make an appointment with a new doctor who will run a bunch of tests, and then we will wait for those results.

Hurry up and I can do well, waiting, not so much so. Keep praying for us!


  1. Oh, I will, for sure!

    Hang in there-it has to be so frustrating!

  2. Hi there, I would suggest using the herb eyebright and see if that improves things. Might make for a cheaper medical bill. Good luck, it is not a good thing at all to suffer through losing sight.

  3. Before I finished reading your post, I was thinking the same thing - it's a farm/country thing. My great grandfather(farm in rural Pa.) had something similar only it traveled to his brain. I think it was a parasite. It happens a lot in S. America and rural areas. The parasite travels to an area, lays it's eggs and dies. Then a cyst forms around it. You can get it from lakes and streams.

  4. I meant, it happens a lot "more" in these areas, not a lot in general.